Time and Targets

I am a creative. As a creative whose chief channel of expression is through writing, there’s nothing that bedevils creatives, which I haven’t suffered or for which I haven’t fallen.…


Flower, The Musical

On Friday the 11th of June, 2021, was the opening night for Flower, The Musical at the Glover Memorial Hall in Marina, Lagos. It was a star-studded evening as a…


It’s The Way We Are

It's the way we are in Nigeria. Even though it's none of your business, our people will turn to you, a random stranger in a vehicle and say, “Sister, you…


Who Will Recommend You?

From a dungeon carved out under the ground, Joseph was dragged out before the Pharaoh and asked to interpret two dreams. He had only one work experience on his CV…

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The Miracles

It was the third day of The Resurrection. The stadium of the Middle Belt Province, formerly known as the National Stadium, Abuja, teemed with bodies as people pushed through the…


The Rich Man and the Poor Man

The Rich Man says to the Poor Man, “This is forbidden.” But his children travel in private jets, fly first class to other countries and do these forbidden things. The rules do not apply to them.

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