Registration for Online Storytelling Course

Registration for Online Storytelling Course

You’re reading this because you’re interested in joining our online storytelling course. The June session will begin on the 14th and will last for a month. So, to be sure this course is a good fit for you, here’s what you need to know.

Lessons will be sent out via email on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Weekly webinars will hold every Friday on Facebook Live. The course is flexible – you can catch up if you miss anything. We will have group tasks and personal assignments. Reviews on assignments come at no extra cost. Just so you’re sure that this is what you want, here’s the syllabus. The focus is on storytelling and fiction.

We will explore the following topics: –

Week One

1.1. Introduction

1.2. What is creative writing

1.3. Prose as a creative expression

1.4. Why do you want to write?


Week Two

2.1. Interesting story idea

2.2. What is the exercise of your story?

2.3. Who is my audience?

2.4. Planning your story

2.5. Do your research


Week Three

3.1. Choose your settings

3.2. Punctuation

3.3. Dialogue

3.4. Dialogue tags


Week Four

4.1. Character creation and development

4.2. Components of character creation.

4.3. Techniques for creating believable characters

4.4. Key points

– Exercise

BONUS: Storytelling for selling products and services.

The fee is 5,000 naira and the payment details – 0122884512 Eketi Ette GTB. Once payment is made, please send a screenshot of the transaction to my email Payment deadline is the 13th of June. I look forward to learning and sharing with you. If you have any further questions, please go ahead and ask.

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