What Is This Love?
What is Love?

What Is This Love?

If ever there’s been a subject most talked about on this earth, it is that of love. Thousands of books have been written on it, people have died for it; nations have gone to war over it, and families and friends lost over love.

Occasionally, yours truly comes across a piece on the subject which is simple and straight forward. Like this one written by my good friend, Abiodun Nkwocha. Here’s what she had to say.

“Love is not necessarily embedded in superfluous gestures.

It is easy to take her to Paris and buy her a Ferrari if you have the money.

Love cannot be mistaken in the little things.

Like when he wakes up before you and he goes to work before you and has a busier day than you and comes home later than you but when there is no running water, he makes sure you always wake up to full buckets of water. And you are not even sick, disabled or pregnant.

Love is when he complains that you are always on your phone at night but when you fall asleep with the phone beside you, he picks it up and charges it so every single morning you wake up to a charged phone.

Love is after having a day that sucked at work. He drives through traffic to another side of town to buy you your favourite N500 Muffin that you had offhandedly mentioned you wanted. You even called him several times angry that he was not yet back home (You had no idea he was getting you what you wanted) and he comes home and hands over the muffin to you.

It is not difficult to recognise love when you think about it.”

What do you think? Is love in the little things?

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  1. I agree with all my heart. Love in the little things is much more important. Your post really melted my heart and unburdened it too. Thank you 😍

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