Who Will Recommend You?

Who Will Recommend You?

From a dungeon carved out under the ground, Joseph was dragged out before the Pharaoh and asked to interpret two dreams.

He had only one work experience on his CV and that had happened by chance. He’d noticed that two men were dejected.Concerned, he’d stopped and asked them, “Why do you look so sad today?”

That question led to him interpreting their dreams. Years later, one of those men gave his reference to the king. He had no idea if it was a first-time thing for Joseph or not.He’d seen results and recommended him in glowing terms to the highest office in the land.

Have you ever wondered what your single work experience is? Have you ever volunteered or selflessly done work that was so good that at the point of a need, your name came up years after?If you haven’t, will you do today, something that will recommend you?

Sometimes, it’s not the paid job that gets you a recommendation. It’s your compassion, kindness, and attentiveness to someone other than yourself. In our daily hustle, it’s easy to overlook others – it’s life.Joseph was in a terrible place; he had no business being concerned about the feelings of others. Still, he was.

Perhaps this is the week for you to be intentional, to go out of yourself to offer value, especially to someone who can’t afford to pay you back.At least once this week, put someone else on your radar. It could be a new colleague at work who’s struggling to fit in. Show them the ropes without being asked.

Or someone you often pass by on your way to work. A minute or two to say, “How are you doing? How’s work and life?”Don’t do this if you don’t mean it. Because to be kind, selfless and thoughtful requires that you be intentional and actually care.

Seeing that sometimes a ‘How are you?’ will open up a box of genuine answers: I’m not fine. It’s been a struggle. Can you say a prayer for me?Be ready if this happens. You may not be able to listen right away; you can reschedule. The more you do this, the more you’ll fill up your tank of joy and fulfilment.

I wish you the best. May your happy moments be many and your troubles few. And may you be recommended.


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